Terms And Conditions

Bags And Luggage:

Baggage allowance in aircraft storage: 25 kg
Baggage allowance for in-flight baggage: 7 kg
Extra baggage charges will apply if the bags exceed the baggage allowance (the extra baggage fee is $5 per extra kilo from Baghdad International Airport and $7 from other airports).

Liquid substances in hand baggage on the aircraft:

You are allowed to carry liquids, gels, pastes, and sprays in your hand baggage no more than 100 ml and packs of more than 100 ml are not allowed even if they are not fully full. Packages should also be placed in transparent bags that can be re-closed while verifying that the bag is completely sufficient for the packaging.
Airport security will ask you to show the transparent fluid bag on its own for review. There are no restrictions on baby food and medications, but you may be asked to provide a prescription proving the medications you need to take on board.

Important Information:

The counter closes one hour before the flight departure time mentioned on the ticket so you must come 3 hours in advance to complete the procedures and ship the bags

The boarding gate closes half an hour before take-off

In case the passenger aske for wheelchair service assume of 35$ should be charged at the airport check counter

Unused tickets before a flight departure can be changed and refunded.

Unused tickets after the flight departure  date can be changed only and are non-refundable

Tourism group ticket are not refundable or changeable ,To inquire about reservation details please contact customer service

Covid vaccine card is required

Special cases supported by medical reports are excluded